Blogs I recommend

The following are a list of blogs that I follow and love! Simply click on the blog name to head to the page.
If you have any other recommendations please let me know!

“Mental health blog by a service user with bipolar disorder. Winner of the Mark Hanson Awards for Digital Media at the Mind Media Awards 2013 and the Mood Disorder category in the 2012 This Week in Mentalists Awards.”

A latina feminist and mental health advocate.

“Dior Vargas, MS, MPH is the creator of the People of Color and Mental Illness Photo Project, a response to the invisibility of people of color in the media representation of mental illness. She is also the editor of The Color of My Mind, a photo essay book based on the photo project. She tours the country giving keynotes, hosting workshops, and speaking on panels. Her work and insight have been covered in media outlets such as The New York Times, Forbes, Newsweek, and NBC News Latino. Dior is the recipient of numerous awards including, The White House Champion of Change for Disability Advocacy Across Generations.”

Tons of good resources here!

“Our team of mental health experts post blogs every week day with short and snappy summaries that highlight evidence-based publications relevant to mental health practice in the UK and further afield.

All of our blogs are free to read. This is important because our vision for this website is to facilitate a democratic conversation between patients, clinicians, researchers, carers, policy makers, health and social care professionals and others. It’s vital that this discussion takes place in a public space so we can learn from each other.”

Sharing and relief for mood and anxiety disorders. A resource for learning and exchanging articles.

“The subject matter is diverse, including pieces on the biology and psychology of depression, anxiety, and bipolarity – as well as supplements/meds, and just plain old “feelin’ better” pieces.”

A huge hub of online blogs and resources, plus access to online talk therapy.

A therapist and mental health blogger with aesthetics us mortals can only dream of.

“Through my informative blog posts and practical mental health resources, I help my readers understand more about themselves, identify their concerns, and provide tools to living a healthier and more productive life.

As a therapist, mental health blogger & advocate for health and wellness, I am here to help you through some of the most difficult moments in your life and to walk alongside you as you work towards living a happier and more fulfilled life.”

 A blog about depression and anxiety, full of great self care tips and encouraging the development of positive habits.

“Seeking Serotonin would be a mental health blog where I could help people cope with problems like depression and anxiety. After all, I’d been suffering from both since childhood and even quit my job because of it – so I figured I was armed with enough tools and personal experience to truly make a difference.”

Interviews, blog posts and all round positivity! “Hey, I’m Kat I’m a self-worth coach who wants to help you understand the value you have to offer the world, build self-belief and grow in confidence so you can achieve your goals and live a life you love. I take a realistic and holistic approach, understanding that we all have different circumstances to account for – but I believe inherently that we all have the capacity to grow. And when we grow, we help society grow too.”

A resource created after being unable to find the informtaion she was looking for when going to rehab for an eating disorder.

“What spawned from those posts is this blog. And, oh yeah, a passion for transparency in the recovery community (no #motivationalmonday quotes, no bullshit). Just a raw experience of a girl managing an eating disorder.