White noise

Do you ever feel like it’s all going to fast?

Like you’re trying to grab hold of it all, and while you’re scrabbling on the floor for the broken little pieces the whole world rushes past without even giving you a chance.

And all the while the fear of missing out is overwhelming. Of the next thing being so much bigger and better and more what you wanted that you let right now slip through your fingers.

Thought becomes a kaleidoscope blur of fear and regret and longing. And wishing and hoping that one day this all makes sense. One day you can grab that chance with both hands, jump right in as they say. Because right now you’re in free fall and there is no way you can jump anywhere, you can’t even crawl towards a new future because movement hurts.

Like being ripped apart at the seams.

Or crumbling to dust, or just unable to move of your own free will. Because you’re not really here at all, just a spectator in the game of life.

Watching it whirl past. Grey and blue and yellow and red. The patchwork of the world.

And all the while thought moves so fast you can’t distinguish words. Just white noise

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