How do people co-write stories?

How can you sit down with someone and create a plot, characters, words and still expect great things?

People have their own stories to tell, their own map of events and experiences that I can’t see how they’re shared. How writers can plan, and shape and develop a story when they know that someone else needs to know. How do you write when you can’t have a dream and then write from 2am until 12 the  next day because these words only come once in a lifetime.

Maybe I make all of this too personal and intense,  feeling like I rip the words out of my soul rather than letting the story flow.

Maybe I am too stuck in myself to really see and feel other people.

Maybe wondering about this is a sign I’m moving from this dark and painful waiting place into something more whole.

But the best stories come from somewhere deep inside. These are the ones that stay with you, and change you. The ones that you miss when they end.

And I feel these are personal stories that only you can tell.

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