Slipping through

Trying to hold facts in my head, focus, keep my running to do list going and I can’t.

Thoughts keep wandering off





900 calories left

Water my plant


Feels like trying to hold clouds with sewing thread.

Yet I’m flying, got energy in abundance,  can run, leap, FLY! THE WORED IS MINE!

Feel like I could do anything.

Shouting “hello” to a girl I cycle past every day on my way home, laughing at nothing, banter with work mates.

And yet this feels so paper thin, like one tiny puff of wind could fracture it all, shred the good feeling and let the fog roll back in.

But while it lasts I’m off to the gym, sweat all the fat off, and maybe, just maybe, keep this good mood rolling.

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  1. ‘Feels like trying to hold clouds with sewing thread’

    Beautifully phrased! I can really relate. While I do better in life if I do write lists, they seem never ending! There’s always something new to add on to it – it gets monotonous, and eventually out of control.

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