Hello? Hey!

Yes it’s me. See I was just taking a walk along the beach, looking at the birds and stuff. All casual like.

When I decided to dig a hole in the sand, just about me height. And stand in it.

Yup, stand in it.

And now the tides coming in, feet are a bit damp to be honest.

Where you going? I’m being serious!

Little waves around my neck sort of area now. Can’t really feel my feet, seas quite cold this time of year.

I’m not coughing to impress you, really kinda awkward for me right now, this whole breathing thing.

Please don’t walk away. I can see you still!!

I could really use a hand!!

But okay, I’ll just stand in this hole I dug, watch you walk away. Watch the others running up the sand dunes, flying kites. Sailing to somewhere warm, and sunny. Away from this.

I’ll just stand here and let the waves wash over me. Always enjoyed the whole, being underwater thing I suppose. 

Wish you hadn’t left though. Wish I’d climbed out while I had the chance.

6 hours till the tide changes. Wonder if I’ll find Nemo.

Wonder if I’ll care

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