I got new glasses today, feeling the classic “world now in focus” thing.

No longer have to read with the book held 2 inches from my nose. Downside is actually being able to read the tiny little calorie stickers on food.

So the counting begins in earnest. Back to measuring everything exactly, no more rounding up to what I think it reads. Deliberately buying prepackaged stuff so I know exactly how much I’m eating.

119 is 199, not 120 anymore. Or 190, just in case I really didn’t read it right.

I feel different though,  like I’ve put a new personality on with them. Bit like the new hair cut feeling, or new jeans. Can be free to be me, whatever that means.

Frames are blue though, and if I look in the right way the sky becomes blue too.

Own personal blue sky, like the sound of that.

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