I’m currently living in a daze,  some sort of weird, half here, half there kind of state.

Present but not correct.

Cannot remember details at work.

Somewhat confused as to what day it is.

They all blur together when you work, shop, binge, purge. Repeat.

Ruining my housemates toilet one heave at a time.

My fridge is full of low fat yogurt and spreads,  fresh fruit and vegetables.

I eat lunch at work,  a salad or egg on wholemeal bread. Always with fruit.

Picking the filling apart and leaving half.

And I walk to the shop on my way home and buy chocolate, cake,  crisps and hummus, doughnuts, mini pizza.

Go home and eat steamed veg and rice for dinner.

Binge on 3 people’s worth of junk food and throw up. All night.

I don’t know who I think I’m fooling with this farce everyday. It’s certainly not fooling me.

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