Eating Disorder Awareness Week

What is Awareness Week?

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is exactly what it sounds like, the aim is to raise awareness, not only of those who are suffering, but how to get help, resources available for parents, careers, teachers and doctors or anyone that wants to know more.

Charities Involved:

NEDA, based in the USA, runs their week from 24th Feb to 1st March 2020 with the hashtags #ComeAsYouAre and #NEDAawareness on social media. Their aim is to get people talking, to share and spread information and to encourage people to use their resources. Click the images below for links to their website with tons more info and helpful pages.

Social media graphics and hashtags
Help and support page.

Beat, the UK’s leading charity also runs an awareness week but from the 2nd to 8th March 2020. Their aims and goals are much the same as NEDA, to get people talking and to raise awareness of where to find help and advice, as well as encouraging fundraising to enable them to continue the work they do. Again, click the image below for a link to their support page.

Support page

Why Do I Care?

I personally have suffered with both anorexia and bulimia throughout most of my teenage and adult life. While I rarely engage in behaviours the thought patterns and urges are still there. For me it mostly resurfaces in time of stress, significant life changes or anxiety, and while I have worked hard in therapy and CBT to build healthy behaviours and to deal with the emotional aspects behind the disorders, they never truly go away.

I have written this post to bring the 2 weeks together for a wider reach worldwide. The resources on both pages are ones I wish I had known about, especially at the start of my illness, as I both believed nothing was wrong and was met with dismissal by both professionals and people I knew as a “normal teenage phase”.

I hope that by participating, and you guys too, that we can help change the stigma around eating disorders and point people towards resources that can help.

Books about Eating Disorders

I have talked about a fair few of these in my post “top 10 Books about Mental Disorders” but I will re-post them here for the sake of keeping things together. If you have read any others that you think should be featured please let me know in the comments below or via social media!

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