10 king size hotdogs

9 packs of biscuits

8kg weight loss

7 wasted days

6 unanswered phone calls

5 unpacked bags

4 brand new slash marks

3 seasons of Breaking Bad

2 hours crying

1 gigantic lie

So mother, thanks for asking but I’m doing fine.

Nope, not struggling to eat certain food’s.

Haven’t been trying to lose the weight I gained abroad. Thanks for bringing  that up again though.

Biscuits from work, gotta love them,need to learn to stop at 2 not a whole packet *chuckles*

Seeing the doctor for a different issue, all is good.

Watching people I know walk back to happiness hurts. I’m so proud of them my heart aches.

Yet I am not worthy of the same.

I cannot carry on like this but I am not good enough to get out of this pit.

Just need to find a 0

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