Blogs are stupid (and other things I’ve muttered today)

  So today was the first day that I really decided to take the plunge and transform a small blog into it’s own website and to really believe that I could make this whole “mental health and books rambling” work.

But oh so many snags, I’ve cried so much even the dog doesn’t care anymore. Just getting a look of “oh pull yourself together… you missed Treat Time and that’s NOT OKAY”. I have 3 sides of A4 covered in lists of things to do, and that’s with all the mental fog I’ve got going on at the moment, and I have only managed to complete maybe half one page? I am really struggling to keep the spiral of negative thoughts at bay and to just get on with ticking things off my list one section at a time. In between crying and cooking lamb (procrastination dinner at 3pm anyone?) I am surprised with just how far I have come.


We should all have one of these lets be honest, maybe if I add it to enough hashtags I can get it trending on Instagram?

Anyway, one of the first things I did while undertaking this journey was to ignore the “nothing matters” voice and to listen to the anxiety fuelled “THIS WILL END SO BADLY” voice. Once the site was up and sort of running I headed to A Site Guru and get the legal bundle which covered absolutely EVERYTHING legal speak wise, to the point that even my most paranoid anxiety fuelled sleepless nights couldn’t think of anything missing.

This site was an absolute diamond of a find. Seriously. it took me 20 mins to: receive the full bundle, add the unique details for Mental Storm Books and then add to pages on here. Setting the pages up on a website as a total novice with seriously bad brain fog took longer. Now my anxiety can focus on people not being interested in my content as opposed to not having decent legal protection.

Amira at is a lawyer and a blogger with 8 years experience of helping idiots like me that create blogs to say safe and protect themselves online. Click on the images below for links to specific bundles or check out the website for all your online needs! The Legal bundle covers the minimum 3 pages you need (Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy) plus BONUSES! Yay!

My 3rd biggest worry (after the impending doom of civilisation which will forever be number 1) was how to promote my shiny new blog and how to keep people updated on new posts and to gain feedback and ideas from all you wonderful readers.

In this day and age there was an inevitable need for the use of social media and additional concerns about how this can impact on my already slightly rocky mental health. It’s hard to scroll through the highlight reels of other peoples lives and not compare yourself.
I will almost certainly write more on this later but for the time being, pick your preferred social media platform and hit follow!

Comment below and let me know what you think!

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