About Me

This blog started as a way to simply get dark thoughts on paper and to ease the chaos left by mental health disorders. As I have moved forward and started the lifelong process of recovery and healing, this blog has also transformed into a place for the realities of living with mental health problems, a place for me to share my love of literature, as well as frequent appearances from dogs, especially my own. So get comfy, grab a blanket, snuggle a pet (optional but always helpful), and explore the world from my point of view!

About the Author:

Louise is a self confessed book addict who has relied on literature to find meaning and purpose during times of depression. After years of denying the need to write, create and share thoughts and experiences on living with mental health issues, she finally decided to take the plunge and start turning a love of books into something more tangible. She has worked in restaurants (fun with rampant eating disorders), sailed yachts across the Mediterranean and worked in a veterinary surgery. While sailing gave her ample time to read, stare at the sea and ponder the meaning of life she ultimately left the industry due to the social isolation and excessive introspection, which is only too easy to take to an extreme when depression tends towards self-isolation. When not reading she can be found walking her whippet cross Nala (or Pickle, Demon, Devil, Arse depending on the day), avoiding the gym and eating far too much peanut butter.
Nala in her favourite nap spot.

Authors Note:

These are just my thoughts,  the words that bounce around my head all day that writing somehow eases the pain of them slightly.

This is my journey,  for anyone to read and ponder, to relate to if it strikes something within you.

This is my journey through depression, bulimia, and trying to navigate life without truly knowing how to live or having the courage to try.

I would love to inspire and support recovery, no matter what that word means to you. Above all please know this is a safe space for discussion and growth.”

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